THE FLOODS | Joseph Wright

Handbound book spine

THE FLOODS | Joseph Wright

An edition based photobook featuring the work of Joseph Wright

“…The Floods is a book that resonates at the highest level. It’s a bit odd having something like this come out of nowhere; it leaves you second guessing yourself, but in terms of intelligent landscape work, this feels very special.” – Colin Pantall (Link to his review of The Floods photobook)


The Floods series of photographic work explores the antithesis of the pastoral landscape, grounded in its Englishness. The often overlooked, unnoticed or ignored wooded places that we pass by as we go about our lives; scruffy patches in the corner of fields, by the roadside, behind industrial estates, all remnants of a once heavily wooded and valued countryside – forming parts of the edgelands; land now abandoned with no perceived use

The series takes the viewer on a part autobiographical, documentary and environmental journey into these places. Set in and around the North Wiltshire town of Swindon following prolonged periods of heavy rainfall which led to some of the wettest years on history in the southern part of England in 2012-2014



  • 2nd edition of 100 copies
  • This edition has the same specification as the 1st Edition, except where indicated below
  • Signed and hand bound by Joseph; this edition is not numbered
  • Book size: 210 mm x 300 mm, 50 pages with 20 images from The Floods series.
  • Includes essay by Eddie Ephraums and an extract from the book Common Ground by kind permission of the author Robbie Cowen and publishers, The Random House Group Ltd
  • Tactile soft cover made with recycled materials, bound with hand stitching using contrasting thread.
  • High quality uncoated paper
  • Custom book sleeve printed with images from the series; whereas the 1st Edition used five pictures from the series to vary the rear sleeve image, this 2nd edition standardises on a single picture on the rear for the whole edition
  • Self-published and co-design by Joseph
  • Co-design, book printing and materials production by Eddie Ephraums of Envisage Books
  • Price:
    • Book – £30.00
  • Insured post and packaging costs to be added:
    • UK – £4.50
    • Europe – £11.00
    • Rest of the world – £16.00
  • This edition was published on 1st January 2016



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